Information for Parents

Welcome to the Webster worldwide family! 

As a parent of a tertiary-bound student, you may have questions about the advantages of the American education system, or about how we support students throughout their tertiary education experience.  You may want to know more about campus housing options or about how the invoicing of tuition takes place. 

Our administration is here to support you and your child’s transition to campus life.  This website was designed to provide the supporting information that your child needs to prepare for the launch of their campus life.  Throughout this “Welcome” website are the primary offices and contacts for each step of the enrollment and onboarding process.   

At the beginning of each term, we prepare and host a New Student Orientation that is designed to help students become familiar with the systems, professors and staff who are their resources on their learning journey.  During the COVID pandemic, we also provide an Online orientation option for those students who will begin remotely. 

We recognize that a private institution education is a family investment, so we also welcome your questions or concerns along the way.  As an American-style institution and campus community, we take pride in supporting holistic student development.  We foster student engagement through co-curricular campus events and activities sponsored by Student Affairs, and we encourage them to join any clubs or activities that can help to integrate their social experiences throughout their time at Webster! 

Confidentiality and Student Consent

Webster Geneva Campus recognizes the need for confidentiality and European general data protection (GDPR policy) of every student.  As part of the American system we subscribe to the principles of the Family Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA), which applies to all adult students over 18 years of age.  This means that the student must give written consent in order for us to discuss particular aspects of their enrollment, grades or attendance with you.  During their New Student Orientation, we will provide these forms for them to complete. 

By enrolling at Webster, your child will be accountable to our Student Handbook (a guide for policies, procedures and expectations on the Geneva campus), as well as the global Academic Catalog. Upon enrollment, students will be introduced and acculturated to these documents and systems, which guide and support the structure of their learning during their university experience.  They also ensure that we are a supportive, welcoming and safe campus for all students who enroll. 

Invoices: What to Expect Next

Following an offer of admission, students are invited to confirm their enrollment by deposit (and to reserve housing with an additional deposit of CHF 1,000).  This sets in motion other steps as we plan for their attendance, including the preliminary registration to courses. 

About 6-8 weeks before the semester begins, their registration will generate the first invoice, which is due and payable by the Friday of the first week of the term.  Those who will be applying for a student visa are encouraged (requested) by the Swiss Consulate to pre-pay tuition for one semester.  This pre-payment is refundable, if for any reason the student visa is declined 

Parents Orientation

Each August (when we have our largest intake of new, first-time bachelor students), we host a 1-day optional Parents Orientation on campus, on the first day of the New Student Orientation for the Fall semester.  You are most welcome to attend the next available parent’s orientation, or to reach out to us throughout the year with your questions!