New Student Orientation days 2024-2025

Fall 1 2024 Term 

Fall 2 2024 Term 

Spring 1 2025 Term 

Spring 2 2025 Term Summer 2025 Term
Wednesday,14th Thursday,15th August
Thursday, 17th October
Wednesday,8th & Thursday,9th January Thursday, 13th March   Thursday,30th May 

*Please note that our New Student Orientation (NSO) is mandatory for all new students.
These days will be counted towards the participation portion of their Webster 101 course.




WorldClassRoom Procedure


Before your arrival, you will receive an email on your personal account from the Student Services office with the procedure to follow to connect to the WorldClassRoom. Make sure you have given Admissions a valid email address to which you have personal access.

You’ll need to follow the instructions in the email and log in to WorldClassRoom, where you’ll be registered for a pre-orientation course. It will allow you to:

1. Upload a portrait photo that will be used to create your student card.

2. Complete and sign mandatory forms online.

3. Find out more about our services.

4. Receive important news via the WorldClassRoom inbox.

Participation in this pre-orientation course is mandatory to ensure a smooth start to the new academic year.