For new Master Students:
At the master’s level, your academic advisor will be your Program Director.  Following admission–and after you’ve confirmed to enroll at Webster, the Admissions team will put you in touch with the professor who runs your program.  They will work to get you registered for your initial courses–and help to build your Study Plan for the duration of your master’s experience.

For new Bachelor students:
 Congratulations on your admission and welcome from the Academic Advising Team!  As Academic Advisors, we work closely with new, first-time undergraduate (bachelor) students and with transfer students from all departments and majors to help set up your first semester course registration.  During your time with Webster, our team will also be your resource for things like:
  • course registration for each term/semester of study
  • questions about academic policies
  • making your study plan towards your graduation
  • coordinating academic support like peer tutoring
  • how to align your academic interests with internship or career interests (we collaborate with Career Services team)
  • and more!
What Comes Next
Once you have sent your confirmation deposit to Webster Geneva, you’ll be added to our list of advisees.  Then, starting at about 8 to 10 weeks before your first semester, we begin reaching out to you individually by email, to guide you on your registration for classes (this is when next-semester registration also begins for the current students).
What to expect
Your first term will most likely be a combination of general university course requirements, which we call the Global Citizenship Program and course(s) within your major.  We will work to ensure that you take courses that work best for your unique situation, and that apply toward graduation.
We look forward to working with you!  Keep an eye out in your inbox when you’re a couple of months away from the start of your classes, and be sure to inform us if your email has changed from the account you used on your Admissions application!

Meet the Academic Advising Team 

                             Peter Carson
     Academic Advisor and faculty member

                     +41 22 959 8009