Congratulations on your admission to Webster University Geneva. 

These are the next steps for you to secure your enrollment:

1. Review the letter of admission. Please take note of the student ID as it will allow you to communicate with the university for payments and enrollments. Make sure to contact your admissions counselor if you have questions.

2. To confirm your attendance:

3. Get started on the visa process as soon as possible (check with the local Swiss Consulate and get your appointment). See Visa Handbook.

4. Complete your Housing Application Form. Reach Housing for additional information about options and pricing, or to request a housing waiver form. See “Housing Information“.

5. If you require Financial Aid, contact your Admissions Counselor and the application form will be available to you on your application portal.

6. Sign-up for Classes: a week or two after your tuition deposit is received, our Academic Advisors will contact you by email regarding course registration. See the “Study Plan and Classes”.

7. See Academic Calendar for term start and end dates. 

8. Browse welcome.webster.ch for more information about your arrival and Geneva.

Meet the Admissions Team

Mark Hatton 

Director of Admissions

+41 22 959 8018
WA +41 76 277 7248


Jessica Geer

Senior Admissions Counselor

+41 22 959 8016
WA +41 76 275 9234 

Florencia Canessa Sicardi

Admissions Counselor

+41 22 959 8011
WA +41 76 688 1856 

Diana Bysaga

Administrative and Operations Assistant
+41 22 959 8080
WA +41 76 687 3263